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Las Olas pioneered the Fish Taco and serves authentic Mexican Food, local craft beers, and the best margaritas at our two beach locations in San Diego.

Going Green

Farm to Table Freshness

In our continued effort to respect "la tierra" (the land) and "las olas" (the waves) we have come up with a few ways that we can play our part. Please take a minute to read about our efforts to support a healthy earth and clean environment.

Las Olas Statement of Green

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Owners Dave Murphey and Peter Johnson live in this community as well as have their business here. Their kids have grown up here, going to school, playing baseball, soccer, and surfing. Dave and Pete have always felt it important to have a strong commitment to their community and are proud for having employed so many of the community's young people over the years, many of whom now frequent the restaurants with families and business of their own. Since 1981, Las Olas has been a very interesting and rewarding journey.


Even before the incorporation of Encinitas in the 80's, Las Olas had been a strong advocate for environmental and city developmental issues. A strong supporter of their neighbor the Nature Collective, the sand replenishment programs, the Rob Machado Surf Classic, The Boys and Girls Club, The YMCA, the local Life Guard fund raisers, the Swami's surf club, and nearly every school from Oceanside to Chula Vista. “We particularly enjoy hosting Lunch on the Lawn for hungry school kids finishing guided nature hikes through the Lagoon (see picture), and the well received "Teacher of the Month" award program that started back in the mid 90's so that each month in over 35 North County schools a deserving teacher was awarded a gift certificate to use at a Las Olas. That's over 300 teachers each year and over 4,000 teachers to date! We have received many thanks from our local teachers over the years and Las Olas continues to support many of these programs today. Please join Las Olas for our yearly community Beach Clean Up on July 5th in Cardiff and Carlsbad.

Local Schools

Local school kids love Las Olas...

School Kid Art School Kid Art

School Kid Art School Kid Art

Lunch on the Lawn

Hungry school kids enjoying Las Olas fare after finishing a guided nature hike through the San Elijo Lagoon sponsored in association with the Nature Collective and director, Doug Gibson.

Lunch on the lawn